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Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your lashes and brows? Imagine waking up every morning with beautifully lifted lashes that require no mascara or extensions. Picture yourself with fuller-looking brows that add definition and elegance to your face. At Grace Ellen Beauty, we have the answers to your lash and brow dreams. What if we told you there’s a revolutionary treatment that can create masses of length, volume, and lift using your own natural lashes? Say goodbye to the hassle of mascara and extensions, and say hello to the Nouveau LVL Lash Lift, available exclusively at Grace Ellen Beauty. This game-changing procedure will enhance your lashes, making your eyes appear more open and youthful. Not only will you save precious time in your morning routine, but you’ll also achieve a natural look that boosts your confidence and enhances your features. But that’s not all. Are you tired of constantly reaching for your mascara to darken your lashes? With our Nouveau Lash & Brow Tinting service, you can intensify your natural lashes and brows effortlessly. Say goodbye to clumpy mascaras and hello to fuller-looking lashes that don’t require daily maintenance. And guess what? Our eyebrow tinting can even cover those stubborn grays while providing your face with an instant lift. Complete the transformation with our eyebrow shaping service, and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on your overall appearance. If you’re seeking a more dramatic look, our Nouveau Classic Lash Extensions are the perfect choice. Our skilled lash artists will apply individual extensions that enhance your lashes subtly yet effectively. With our closed-eye treatment, you can relax as our experts work their magic, protecting your under-eye area throughout the process. In just 60 minutes, you’ll walk out with stunning, natural-looking eyelash extensions that will turn heads wherever you go. At Grace Ellen Beauty, we understand the importance of caring for your skin. That’s why we offer a high-quality Lycon eyebrow waxing service that leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished. Say goodbye to harsh hair removal methods and hello to a gentle and pampering experience. Don’t wait any longer to unleash your lash and brow potential. Book your experience at Grace Ellen Beauty today and embark on a beauty journey that will leave you feeling confident, radiant, and empowered. Your dream lashes
and brows are just a click away. Indulge in the beauty experience you deserve and let Grace Ellen Beauty bring out
the best version of yourself.


  • Enhanced natural beauty
  • Longer, voluminous lashes
  • Lifted and curled lashes
  • No need for mascara
  • Effortlessly beautiful lashes every day
  • Intensified natural lashes and brows
  • Fuller-looking lashes without mascara
  • Coverage for grey eyebrow hairs
  • Defined and lifted eyebrows
  • Safe and comfortable lash extension application

For a quick and competitive Service in Chalfont St Giles, please Contact us

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For a quick and competitive Service in Chalfont St Giles, please Contact us

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What is the Nouveau LVL Lash Lift and how does it work?

The Nouveau LVL Lash Lift is a revolutionary lash treatment exclusive to Nouveau Lashes. It uses your own natural lashes to create length, volume, and lift without the need for mascara or extensions. The treatment involves gently lifting your lashes from the root and setting them in a lifted position, giving the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. It’s a great alternative to lash extensions and can save you time in your daily routine.

Can the Nouveau LVL Lash Lift make my eyes look more youthful?

Absolutely! The LVL Lash Lift can make your eyes appear more open and youthful. By creating longer and fuller lashes, it enhances your natural features, giving your eyes a brighter and more lifted look. Say goodbye to tired looking eyes and hello to a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Does the Nouveau Lash & Brow Tinting add definition to my eyes?

Definitely! Our lash and brow tinting service is designed to intensify your natural lashes and brows by darkening them and adding simple definition to your eyes. The tinting process enhances your features, making your eyes stand out even without the use of mascara. It’s a perfect option for those who want fuller-looking lashes or want to
cover any greys in their brows.

How long does the Nouveau Classic Lash Extensions treatment take?

The Nouveau Classic Lash Extensions are known for providing a subtle yet effective enhancement to your lashes. The treatment usually takes around 60 minutes to create beautiful, natural-looking extensions. Our lash artists will carefully apply individual extensions to your lashes, ensuring a seamless and flattering result. Prepare to leave with gorgeous lashes that will make heads turn.

Is it necessary to close my eyes during the Classic Lash Extensions treatment?

Yes, it’s necessary to close your eyes fully during the Classic Lash Extensions treatment. Our lash artist will work from behind your head to apply the individual extensions. To ensure your comfort and safety, they will use
protective wear such as tape or lash pads to separate your lower lashes and protect your under-eye area. Relax and enjoy the pampering experience while we work on enhancing your lashes.

How can eyebrow tinting help me achieve a lifted appearance?

Eyebrow tinting is a fantastic way to add definition and lift to your face. By darkening your brows, it creates a more prominent frame for your eyes, instantly lifting and enhancing your features. Consider pairing eyebrow tinting with an eyebrow shape to further accentuate your facial structure and give your face an instant lift.

Can men benefit from eyelash tinting as well?

Absolutely! Eyelash tinting is suitable for both men and women. It offers the benefit of fuller-looking lashes without the need for mascara. Men who desire a natural enhancement to their lashes can benefit from this treatment, making their eyes appear more defined and expressive.

What is the recommended maintenance for Nouveau LVL Lash Lift?

To maintain the stunning results of your Nouveau LVL Lash Lift, we recommend avoiding wetting your lashes for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Additionally, try to avoid rubbing or touching your lashes excessively. With proper care, the lift can last up to 6-8 weeks, and you can enjoy beautiful lashes that require minimal maintenance.

Are the lash and brow treatments offered at Grace Ellen Beauty safe?

Absolutely! At Grace Ellen Beauty, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our lash artists are highly trained professionals who use quality products and follow strict hygiene protocols. We take every precaution to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our clients. Rest assured that you are in expert hands when you choose our lash and brow services.

How can I book my lash and brow experience at Grace Ellen Beauty?

Booking your lash and brow experience at Grace Ellen Beauty is quick and easy. Simply visit our website and navigate to the booking page. Choose the desired treatment, select a convenient date and time, and provide your contact details. We will confirm your appointment, and you can look forward to enjoying the transformative and pampering experience at our lash and brow bar.

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